Award-winning graphic designer, art director and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. I've worked with marketers, publishers, media outlets, startups and creative agencies. I draw inspiration from multiple disciplines and a voracious consumption of media to deliver work that is unexpected, relevant and impactful across all platforms. I have created content for advertising, marketing, publishing, identity, branding, social media, infographics, data visualization, user interface, and trade shows.


"Alan is a driven and talented designer who is a lot of fun to work with. He contributed significantly to the aesthetic development of Mashwork's (now Canvs) products, and inspired a lot of excellent discussion and development of our application UI and experience. 

Alan's deep knowledge of design across a broad range of media is quite astounding, and it is fascinating to see how insights from cinematography or comic book layouts can improve a website's design or the visualizations of an infographic. 

It was also great to have a designer who was comfortable working in a variety of aesthetics, from flat minimalism and modern UIs to richly colorful and vibrant graphics. I look forward to seeing Alan's future work, and hopefully working with him again!"

—  Mattan Ingram, Product Designer, CANVS (formerly Mashwork)


"While at Mashwork, Alan always had a concern for efficiency and profitability.

By working on a variety of projects, he saw ways our processes could be improved upon. I always appreciated his feedback in our weekly status meetings.

Above all, Alan demonstrated a drive to take responsibility for the projects he worked on. Before beginning any project, he would ask questions to thoroughly understand what was required for its success, both on a holistic and individual level."

—  Edgar Alanis, Design Manager, CANVS (formerly Mashwork)


When I'm not designing for clients, I spend much of my time developing Ukiyo Studio; the outlet for my undying love and passion for storytelling, world building, character design, and toys. My current offerings include two lines of handmade, hand-painted resin figurines: 9th Circle Robotics and The Mephistos, which are currently available on Throughout the site, customers can discover fictional backstories, hidden in product description, tying each character into a larger story.

I'm currently working on expanding the social awareness of the Ukiyo brand to build a loyal following, earn sales, expand product offerings, and eventually host, distribute and merchandise original content from other up and coming creatives.