Alan Stowe is an award-winning graphic designer, art director and writer living in Brooklyn. He has created works for marketers, publishers, media outlets, startups and creative agencies. Alan draws from multiple disciplines and his voracious consumption of cutting edge media to deliver work that is unexpected, yet impactful and relevant, across all platforms. He has applied his craft to a variety of channels including advertising, marketing, publishing, identity, branding, social media, infographics, user interface, and trade shows.



Alan is a driven and talented designer who is a lot of fun to work with. He contributed significantly to the aesthetic development of Mashwork's (now Canvs) products, and inspired a lot of excellent discussion and development of our application UI and experience. 

Alan's deep knowledge of design across a broad range of media is quite astounding, and it is fascinating to see how insights from cinematography or comic book layouts can improve a website's design or the visualizations of an infographic. 

It was also great to have a designer who was comfortable working in a variety of aesthetics, from flat minimalism and modern UIs to richly colorful and vibrant graphics. I look forward to seeing Alan's future work, and hopefully working with him again!

—  Mattan Ingram, Product Designer, CANVS (formerly Mashwork)


While at Mashwork, Alan always had a concern for efficiency and profitability.

By working on a variety of projects, he saw ways our processes could be improved upon. I always appreciated his feedback in our weekly status meetings.

Above all, Alan demonstrated a drive to take responsibility for the projects he worked on. Before beginning any project, he would ask questions to thoroughly understand what was required for its success, both on a holistic and individual level. 

—  Edgar Alanis, Design Manager, CANVS (formerly Mashwork)


Alan is a very talented designer and illustrator that listens, asks good questions and provides a high quality end result. I originally hired Alan to illustrate a very complex and comprehensive process for chemical safety assessment. The final project was spot on and very well received. I later hired Alan for design and layout of a variety of promotional materials for a high-level education award to promote forward thinking in social and environmental responsibility. Alan's work was clean and branded across all mediums.

 —  William Smith, Creative Director, Bolger + Battle


Alan worked for our public relations agency as a junior account person. I found him to be very creative, resourceful and an all around great person. With the downturn of the economy, we were forced to let staff members go. I did not want to let Alan go and would hire him back in a heartbeat if and when things turn around. He has an excellent work ethic and is fabulous at graphic design.

—  Jo Hunt, Owner, DHA Lifestyle PR