While working within a team of designers on assets for a Barnes & Noble conference, I came across an interesting challenge. The client was specific about wanting a square show booklet, but also asked that a large-scale map of the tradeshow floor be included. I looked into a number of binding options and came to the conclusion that the show floor was just too long and our booklet was just too square. I instead suggested an info packet in a folder with pockets. As an added bonus, attendees now had a place to hold onto any fliers or business cards picked up during the show. 



Unfortunately, with extensive gluing and die cutting, that option turned out to be fairly costly (did I mention this was my first tradeshow?). I explored a few physical mock-ups to discover the map’s ideal dimensions. No matter what I tried, the map was just too long and the booklet too square.

Until finally, a fairly obvious solution dawned on me... 


If the booklet wasn't long enough, why not just MAKE it longer? All I had to do was lengthen one page spread within the booklet by 30%. Voila: an easy to carry, hard to loose, appropriately scaled fold-in map.


The Creative Director and show manager where both thrilled with the results.
Did I mention this was my first tradeshow?