THE BUSINESS OF ENTERTAINMENT teamed up with CANVS, a social listening platform, to deliver a monthly infographic covering the impact of recent events in business, tech and entertainment. My challenge was to create a set of distinct, yet flexible, aesthetic guidelines that could maintain visual order in a fairly dense display of information. The solution was simple: embrace the chaos. Instead of looking for a single solution, I created two headers: the first paired a serif header with a san-serif sub-header, while the second paired a san-serif header with a serif sub-header. Alternating between these two type treatments created contrast from blurb to blurb while providing the viewer with an unconscious sense of order throughout the layout. Every month provided a new opportunity to challenge and adapt the guidelines to consistently deliver a fresh infographic that was cohesive, informative and fun.


NOTE: The Business of Entertainment title graphic was designed by fellow graphic designer and friend Edgar Alanis, an exceptionally talented creator and illustrator whom I will never feel bad losing a job to.


One especially fun month, I discovered there was a blurb covering the social chatter surrounding the (then) recently debuted teaser trailer for Star Wars - The Force Awakens. The challenge was that, at the time, there hadn't been any official imagery released to the public, other than the trailer itself. Embracing chaos yet again, I pulled the trailer up on YouTube, set it to full screen and took screen grabs. With those screen-grabs, Adobe Photoshop and a life time of studying Drew Strewzan posters, I was able to create this 'bootleg' post for the seventh Star Wars film. Yes, I still get giddy just thinking about it. Yes I am a huge nerd but I don't see what that has to do with... hey where are you going?