While freelancing for a mid-size design firm, their client, DOW, asked for a chart depicting their Product Safety Assessment process. I was provided a loose sketch showing the stages forming a circle and a couple of ideas for some of the stages. The rest was up to me to expand and illustrate. While creating the vector art in illustrator, I had a simple goal in mind: to keep each section clear and able to be understood quickly, for anyone who skimmed the chart. However, I also made sure to put in a little detail or two throughout the chart to reward anyone who looked closely with a fun, however tiny, moment of discovery.


What I didn’t know until after I had submitted the final work files, was that the chart was going to be part of an energy conference on Capitol Hill. If someone had told me at the beginning, and I was a fairly young designer at the time, that that many people would be seeing my work, I’d have easily been caught up in my own head, never to return. Luckily no one did, the chart was very well received and I had a great experience all around.