Global Pet Expo (GPE) is aptly named: it’s the world’s largest pet industry trade show. As part of a bake off to brand their show, I contributed “Too Big Too Miss.” The concept was simple: pair bold, block type with very large images of very small, baby animals. Officially I sold the concept as a clever play on words with the GPE’s impact on the industry, but to be perfectly honestly, I’m just an animal lover who likes huge photos of kittens and puppies. I felt it was a safe bet the GPE’s audience would too. I’m also in love with combining seemingly opposing concepts into a single, cohesive whole. In my experience, both as a content creator and consumer, there’s a lot of joy in that moment of discovery when you see an ad, have the 'oh I get it' moment, and maybe have a smile or a laugh. Even a split-second experience like that does wonders for brand equity. I was extremely excited to work on this project and even more excited when “Too Big Too Miss” was chosen as the winning concept to represent the 2013 show.