Much like Black Belt Magazine (also from Active Interest Media), the Creative Director and I sought to differentiate Muscle & Performance Magazine from the other body building publications on the shelf. Many of them featured darker imagery, often dirtied up with grit and grime effects, accompanied by very large, hard fonts that made it clear: this magazine wasn’t for little wimps. As fitness awareness spreads and more and more people are becoming educated on the benefits and science of weight training, we felt the old vein popping norm needed to go. Our goal was to visualize a lifestyle of clean living and fitness education with crisp, open layouts, vibrant colors and models wearing expressions of joy and satisfaction. We wanted our publication to welcome readers into a world of healthy living, not scare them away. I have always been proud of my contribution to the Muscle & Performance team.



In addition to my role as Assistant Art Director, I was also a regular illustrator for the brand.


These iconic female body builders loved seeing themselves depicted in traditional comic art so much that we gifted them the original illustrations.