For the holiday season, boutique design firm Reitdesign wanted to produce a unique, non-denominational gift box to send out to clients. The usual round of food related suggestions passed around the table. Hearing food suggestion after food suggestion, I decided to go in the opposite direction. I recalled my experience, working with sports and fitness publications Muscle & Performance and Black Belt, and instead suggested a fitness themed gift box. So many people are concerned about gaining weight over the holidays, it seemed like guides and tools for keeping the weight off would provide them the most value while standing out from a sea of snack filled gift baskets. 


As the majority of clients were local, I researched a bunch of New York themed fitness activities, gyms and restaurants. It was important that the information wasn’t just ‘go for a walk’ or ‘do some push-ups’, I really wanted to deliver the most unique and inspiring experience as possible. 



It was a huge success with clients to the point that their friends and co-workers were calling in to see if we had any sets left. It even went on to win a Summit International Award. I had a lot of fun and injected it with a lot of passion. It's not every day I get to design, illustrate AND write copy all in the same project. I’m glad and grateful that it resonated with clients.