Australian artist and toy designer Ashley Wood had posted about the possibility of creating a mobile game based on his World War Robot property. WWR consisted of published illustrations (mostly oils), written prose and a line of unique vinyl robot toys. “Toy” feels almost inappropriate given that they’re stunning pieces of art. I gathered some stock photos of environments as well as production photos of the robots and took them into Photoshop and Illustrator where I created these demo screens for a possible WWR mobile fighting game. 


For the game’s UI, I paid homage to Capcom’s ever popular tournament fighter, Marvel vs Capcom. I made a few frames staging a mock battle and posted them up in Ashley Wood’s public forums for the entertainment of myself and fellow fans. They received some pretty great feedback. Wood’s company ended up scrapping the idea of entering the world of mobile gaming, but this remains a favorite side project of mine since it was made purely for its entertainment value.